2024(第七届) 世界细胞治疗与再生医学大会暨展览会  

The 7th World Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference & Exhibition 

2024(第七届) 世界细胞治疗与再生医学大会暨展览会



上海广贸会展服务有限公司始终坚持以“BE THE BEST-追求卓越”为价值观和己任,通过我们高素质、国际化的专业团队,协同全球相关政府部门、行业协会组织及传媒机构等合作伙伴,致力于为医学与生命科学界提供高品质的国际化专业会议与展览会。


广贸会展目前在生物医用材料、再生医学、细胞学、生物化学、生物医药、生物技术、骨科领域有11大系列会议与展览活动:BIO-CHINA 系列活动(中国国际生物医用材料大会暨展览会)、世界细胞治疗与再生医学大会暨展览会(WRC-CHINA)、BoneTec-China 系列活动(中国国际骨科内植物与生物材料大会暨展览会)、ORS-CHINA 系列活动(中国国际骨科研究大会暨展览会)、BIOEXPO-CHINA 系列活动(中国国际生物医药大会暨展览会)、ORTHO-CHINA 系列活动(中国国际骨科大会暨展览会)、中国国际生物技术大会暨展览会(BIOTEC-CHINA)、中国国际分子生物学与基因工程大会暨展览会、中国国际生物化学与细胞生物学大会暨展览会、中国国际微生物技术与应用大会暨展览会,中国国际干细胞研究与应用大会暨展览会。






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Shanghai Guang Mao Exhibition Services Inc

About Us:


 Shanghai Guang Mao Exhibition Services Inc(G&M Expo)  is a professional medical and life science international conference and exhibition organizer specializing in the Biomaterial,regenerative medicine,biotechnology, stem cell, orthopedic and biochemistry areas. We focus our events in mainland China and embrace “BE THE BEST” as the corporate value and mission. Empowered with in-depth knowledge and expertise,our international team of professionals applies best practices in organising international conference and exhibition through our global network and collaboration with partners, including government bodies asociations/organisations and media. 

In our focused area, we have all together 6 series of events, they are BoneTec-China series(China International Orthopedic Implants and Biomaterials Conference & Expo), ORS-CHINA series(China International Orthopedic Research Conference & Expo),BIOEXPO-CHINA series(China International BioPharma Conference & Exhibition), BIO-CHINA series(China International Biomaterials Conference & Exhibition),World Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference & Exhibition (WRC-CHINA), China International Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition(BIOTEC-CHINA).

G&M Expo follows the pace of the global trend in the conference and exhibition industry through several innovations,thereby effectively meet the need of all participants.

Our mission: Be the Best

Our mission and value is to provide the best products possible and the best service possible, and to create an excellent future together with our clients through constant innovation and perseverance. "Be the Best" is our goal and this serves as the driving force and the compass that guides our staff in their daily work. This spirit also inspires everyone in the organisation to pursue excellence, self-transcendence and self-realisation. Although many of our products and services have helped us become a market leader, our mission to "Be the Best" requires that we face our future development and growth with "a driving attitude".




中国首个国家级医药高新区,坐落于长江三角洲重要成员城市泰州,总体规划面积30平方公里,由科技部、卫健委、国家食品药品监督管理局、国家中医药管理局与江苏省人民政府共同建设。目前,中国医药城已经吸引大量生物医药企业、医疗器械企业、健康管理企业等在此集聚,其中包括跨国500强制药企业12家(阿斯利康、勃林格殷格翰、雀巢、阿拉宾度等),国内知名企业扬子江制药、苏中药业、济川药业等共计900多家,引进国家千人计划专家55名,1000多项“国际一流、国内领先”的医药创新成果成功落地申报,中国医药城也是 “国家新型疫苗及特异性诊断试剂产业集聚区发展试点”区; 

诚邀医药医疗行业的企业家到医药城考察投资,联系电话 400-616-7378  0086-13817254690  


China Medical City (CMC), located in Taizhou City, an important member of the Yangtze River Delta, with a total planned area of 30 square kilometers, consisting of the scientific research and development area, the exhibition and trade area, the health and medical area, the education and teaching area and the comprehensive supporting area, is China's first national medical high-tech zone jointly built by the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health and Family Planning Commission, China Food and Drug Administration, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiangsu Provincial People's Government.

Since its inception and construction, CMC has been committed to creating China's largest and most comprehensive bio-medical industry base in line with the concept of "revitalizing city with industry, promoting industry with city, integrating city and industry, and achieving mutual prosperity of industry and city". CMC has so far gathered more than 70 domestic and foreign famous universities and medical R&D institutions, as well as nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign well-known pharmaceutical companies including Nestlé, AstraZeneca, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Boehringer-Ingelheim, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group and Neptunus Pharmaceutical, declared more than 1,000 "domestic-leading international" pharmaceutical innovation results, attracted more than 3,800 high-level talents at home and abroad, among whom 55 have been enlisted in the national "Recruitment Program of Global Experts". In addition, CMC has been listed as a pilot city of the national new vaccine and specific diagnostic reagent industry cluster. Currently, an area of 10 square kilometers is under development.

The 13th Five-Year Plan period is a key period of construction and development for CMC. CMC will improve the ministerial and provincial co-construction mechanism by highlighting "medical" and "medicine" in line with the 13th Five-Year Plan, and primarily promote industrial agglomeration by seizing the strategic opportunity of "healthy China" based on the pilot agglomeration and development of the big health industry in the Taizhou Yangtze River Economic Belt in order to comprehensively enhance the overall strength, introduce 1,000 pharmaceutical enterprises by 2019, create a RMB 100 billion pharmaceutical industry, achieve "two ten-year goals", establish the national leading position of Taizhou's biotechnology and new medical industry and become an industrial cluster, an innovative cluster and a talent cluster for the global bio-medical industry.

Welcome entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical and medical industry to visit and invest in the China Medical City  Contact number: 0086-13817254690    email: info@gmexpo.net 

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